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Guidelines & Eligibility

The complete Fellowship Guidelines are available to download. 


If you can answer positively to all these questions, you are ready to proceed with your application:

  • Are you below 40 years old? If you are between 40 and 45, you can only apply for a short-term fellowship.
  • Are you living and working in a developing country (low, lower middle or upper middle economy according to the World Bank criteria)?
  • Have you received basic training in nephrology in your home country?
  • Are you nominated by a home mentor and your Home Institution who guarantees your re-employment once training has been completed?
  • Can you be recommended by two senior nephrologists in your home country?
  • Are you endorsed by the national society of nephrology in your home country?
  • Have you identified an appropriate Host Mentor and Institution with whom you have agreed a suitable training plan?
  • Does your training plan reflect the skills and knowledge that are required by your home Institution and which you can implement on your return?
  • Can you understand and communicate in the host country’s language?
  • Are you willing to guarantee your return to your home country within three months of completing the training (otherwise all funds received from ISN must be refunded)?
If you have not identified a host centre yet, you can contact us and we may be able to identify or propose you some suggestions. Contact us at